Waste Not, Want Not!

In the span of the past four years, while nurturing and steering my business forward, I’ve been deeply immersed in the intricate world of textile waste. Trust me when I say, the realm of information on this topic is vast, and I promise a deeper dive into it soon.

Navigating this landscape, I’ve conscientiously endeavoured to sidestep the pitfalls of generating excessive material waste. Yet, as an avid sewer, creator, and fabric upcycler, the inevitability of accumulating scraps is an occupational reality. These remnants, while often repurposed into subsequent designs, leave me pondering over the minuscule cuttings and threads that resist categorization, awaiting their moment of utility.

In an ideal scenario, these scraps could be transformed into plush toys, cushion fillings, or even integrated into paper-making endeavours. However, venturing into such avenues would diverge from my core objectives and passions. Yet, this sparked an epiphany: surely, there exists an audience eager to repurpose what I consider excess.

Considering the vibrant culture of thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets where treasures emerge from discarded items, I reached out to sewing communities on social media. Astonishingly, within moments, two enthusiastic individuals emerged — one keen on fabric remnants and another eyeing threads and stuffing materials. To say I was elated would be an understatement

This experience epitomized my aspiration to champion the circular economy, mitigating landfill contributions. With a mere post, I’d catalysed a collaborative effort, underscoring the potential that lies ahead as I delve deeper into this sustainable approach.

While waste remains an inevitable by-product of my daily sewing endeavours, this newfound outlet invigorates me. Recognizing the demand for these remnants assures me of their value and purpose, reinforcing my commitment to fostering a Circular Economy.

A heartfelt shout out to the immensely talented Lucy Gallard for crafting this captivating illustration.

Explore her artistry on Instagram @luceartz

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