Waste Not, Want Not!

Over the last four years, building up and running my business, I have become much more aware of textile waste. What a mine-field of information – I promise I will to go into more detail at another time.

I have tried hard not to fall into the trap of casually creating material waste but as a sewer, creator, artist, upcycler of most fabrics I create scraps – Its a hazzard of the job!
Most of these smaller patches of material have their own uses so I keep them and they make their way into other designs and products but there are some bits, tiny cuttings and threads that I struggled to find purpose for, and yet I keep them ever hopeful that I will find use for them someday.

It a timeless world I could start making toys or pillows using all the scraps as stuffing or even incorporate them into paper making but that’s a completly new business, and not quite what I’m aiming for or where my passions lie – but it got me thinking… there must be someone who would appreciate my waste!

After all, charity shops, garage sales and car boots are packed to the brim with people finding treasures from others rubbish.

So I started asking around in some sewing groups on social media and within minutes I had two willing participants, one after smaller scraps of fabric and one who wanted threads and stuffing materials… “I was overly excited about this!”

Here I am trying to promote the circular economy and reduce landfill and waste and I had found two other people who would assist me in that commitment with just one post… just think of the opportunities that will be created as I explore this more.

I’m still not completely free of waste, there is only so much scrap people are willing or able to use and I create a fair amount of it as I’m at my sewing machine most days.
For now though, I’m happy! I’m happy to have found an outlet, I know there will be others that will want the scraps I have to offer and each little step is heading in the right direction towards a Circular Economy.

This most amazing drawing was created by the talented Lucy Gallard – find her on Instagram @luceartz