Empowered Woman

Taking on a business alone is tough!
I’m not going to sugar coat it or describe it through rose-tinted glasses, its hard work!! 

For me the creative aspect comes naturally – there are still days I struggle to get the creative juices flowing and also times I have come close to setting fire to the whole lot and packed it all in…. I am after all, just human.
But the business side of business… the paperwork, the taxes, the marketing and social media, the blogs… the administration – just hurts my brain!

Over time I have adapted, found ways to tackle the mundane tasks and, often relied heavily on others to show me the way. Nowadays I quite enjoy sitting at my computer, typing away. I have found creative ways to format my posts and blogs and often find it quite thereputic to step away from my sewing machine.

I wouldn’t have managed, or even understood a lot of this without the support of the Woman around me, this advice and assistance has often pushed me beyond my comfort zone but it has been invaluable!
Showing me productive tricks to shorten meanial tasks, explaining patiently the processes and legal requirements to become established, going back through procedures time and time again until I understood and teaching me the questions to ask to get to the answers I need – often the most important thing!

Over the last four years of building up Little ReCreations I have been like a sponge … a sometimes leaky sponge, but a sponge taking in as much as I can, learning and transforming new skills into my craft and my business.

It has taken time, I couldn’t afford to take the financial risk, paying others to do the jobs for me and felt I my concept would get more from having a completley personal touch which I have (most of the time) enjoyed. But that has meant it has been slow process, alhough taking things step by step whilst working full-time has its benefits too.
I have managed to build up this website from scratch, linked all my social media into one manageable place and still found the time to create some amazing new products – Check them out here (sneaky plug – see, learning to promote too)

The time has come now where I realised that I am one of the teachers…. not a fountain of all knowledge, but someone who others are reaching out to for advice. Its a very strange feeling, I don’t feel like I know enough to be taking on this responsibility, but as I am questioned about my journey, about setting up a business, marketing, social media etc I realise I have answers, I confidently advise and shock myself with the amount of infomation I have retained.
I am still coming to terms with this epiphany, but I am proud to count myself as part of the tribe of Women, happily supporting others to chase their dreams.

"No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower the women around you. Success is never reached alone. And, wisdom and wealth are better shared"

– Mizzfit

I have been asked why? Why share? What if someone steals your ideas or does better than you?

What if they do??

I welcome it, I love speaking with like-minded humans about my creations and yes sometime they run businesses that could be seen as direct competition to me but the world is a big place and there are plenty of customers for us all to prosper. For me if I find others upcycling, recycling and reusing waste it makes me happy that even less is heading for landfill!
Thats not to say that everyone is as comfortable with this – I have encountered people who sucks up as much as they can of the knowledge, grab the ideas and run off to create their own thing – holding everything so close, as they are scared someone else will come and take it away from them….

… but the thing is, no one took it from me, it wasn’t stolen – I gave it away as it was given to me and I will give it away again, freely. 

“Other women are not my competition. I stand with them, not against them”

– Author unknown (but spot on)

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