Reusable Facemasks

2020 ... What can I say!!??

I’m not sure anyone could have predicted the challenges that 2020 was going to bring to us all! I definitely wouldn’t have guessed in a million years that I would be one of thousands of freelancers out of work, surrounded by an industry struggling to survive #WEMAKEEVENTS

But, like many I have had to adapt and Little reCreations has come along for the ride as I try to make the most of a bad situation. I have adapted and honed my sewing skills and with your support, generous orders and sharing with family & friends, this small business is still going strong!!

I have now sent out over 1000 Reusable Facemasks to customers and charities with packages travelling as far as Australia, Spain and even Texas USA!!

Even though the lockdowns are over and normal life has resumed for most of us. I am still committed to keeping you safe, comfortable and stylish and will keep these Facemasks available in my shop. I am truly grateful to every one of you for your orders.

Hand-Made for you

Little reCreations Facemasks create a sealed cover which fits over your nose and mouth with three layers of material. There is also a filter pocket and nose wire & adjustable ear elastics providing a closer, adaptable fit for all face shapes.

I use a selection of high-quality cottons and polycottons to make these Facemasks, with three layers of tightly woven, high thread count materials plus the optional extra of adding the provided non-woven filter.

Happy Customers... they're smiling, honest

Reducing Landfill one Face-Mask at a time

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