Reduce Landfill

An Altruistic Journey

In a bold departure from business norms, I’ve intentionally steered my venture towards potential failure. Rooted in altruism, I repurpose festival waste for sustainability. While risking viability, my mission transcends profit, aiming to reshape festivals with a blend of social responsibility and environmental stewardship, forging a lasting legacy.

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Festival LitterBugs?

As Summer Festivals gain momentum, my social media feeds flood with vibrant images of dance, lights, and electrifying performances. Yet, my behind-the-scenes view unveils another side: the remnants of discarded tents, equipment, and belongings strewn across Glastonbury, Boomtown, Reading, and countless other sites. Reflecting upon the past 18 months, I’m compelled to ask: Has this

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Waste Not, Want Not!

In the span of the past four years, while nurturing and steering my business forward, I’ve been deeply immersed in the intricate world of textile waste. Trust me when I say, the realm of information on this topic is vast, and I promise a deeper dive into it soon. Navigating this landscape, I’ve conscientiously endeavoured

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