Scraptacular Cross Body Bag


Crafted from a diverse blend of materials including cottons, corks, jerseys, polyesters, and beyond—if it’s fabric, it’s fair game for transformation into a bag!

Each Cross Over Body Bag stands as a singular masterpiece. I take pride in ensuring no two bags are identical, guaranteeing you possess a genuinely unique accessory. By utilizing remnants from prior projects or generously donated fabrics, my aim remains steadfast: maximize fabric utilization and curtail textile waste.

Practicality meets style with these bags. Generously proportioned, they effortlessly accommodate an A5 notebook, alongside essentials like your wallet, phone, keys, snacks, and whatever else accompanies you throughout your daily ventures!

Welcome! If you’ve landed on this page without exploring the rest of my website, a warm hello to you!

For those who’ve delved into my site, you’ll know that my mission revolves around salvaging reusable materials to combat landfill accumulation. While I take pride in crafting vibrant decorations and accessories, this creative journey naturally results in leftover scraps.

The bags you see here are crafted from slightly larger scraps, often sourced from donated materials like old clothing, bedding, curtains, blankets, and more—items no longer serving their original purpose. Additionally, I receive fabric donations from friends and family, whether it’s a forgotten stash from grandma’s closet or remnants from their crafting endeavours. Every piece finds its purpose.

After the bags are assembled, even the tiniest scraps don’t go to waste. I integrate them into other projects, ensuring minimal leftover material. Threads and remnants are meticulously collected and forwarded to small businesses I collaborate with. They utilize these bits for stuffing or crafting smaller items, ensuring a circular and sustainable approach.

Your support aids in the reduction of textile waste, and for that, I am immensely grateful!

If you admire a particular creation but seek a different colour scheme or pattern, please reach out. My fabric inventory is constantly evolving.

Let’s connect!

Weight 0.042 kg
Size Guidelines

All measurements are approximate – these bags are handmade and there will be some variation. All fit an A5 notebook along with other items.

Main Bag:
Width – 20cm
Height – 23cm
Depth – 6cm

Inner Pocket:
15cm x 15cm

Outer front pocket (at smallest point):
14cm x 15cm

Outer back (zippered) pocket:
15cm x 16cm

Straps are adjustable from approimatley 80cm – 150cm

Washing Guidelines

Not recommended
Wipe clean or if fabric (NOT CORK) on a delicate wash, shape when wet and let dry naturally.

Feel free to contact me if you are unsure I am always happy to help.

Processing & Delivery Times

Orders are all sent via second class Royal Mail (2-3 working days) unless previously agreed.

Returns Policy

Due to the current circumstances I will not accept returns on this product, however if you have any issues, concerns or queries please do get in touch and I will do what I can to help.


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