Scraptactular Cable Tidies


Say goodbye to the frustration of rummaging through your bag, only to unearth a tangled mess of cables amidst your belongings. Introducing the “Scraptacular Cable Tidies”—your ultimate solution for effortlessly organizing cables in any scenario.

If this design resonates with you but you’re envisioning a different color scheme or pattern, I warmly encourage you to reach out. Your preferences matter, and I’m here to customize according to your aesthetic needs.

Feel free to connect—I eagerly await the opportunity to assist you in streamlining your cable organization. Let’s simplify together!


Greetings! If you’ve arrived on this page without exploring the entirety of my website, allow me to extend a hearty hello to you!

For those who’ve navigated through my site, you’re likely familiar with my unwavering dedication to repurposing reusable materials, championing the cause of reducing landfill waste. While I delight in designing and crafting vibrant decorations and accessories, this creative journey inevitably generates its own set of scraps.

Introducing the “Scraptacular Cable Tidies”—designed meticulously to keep your cables and headphones neatly coiled and organized. These tidies represent the smallest remnants I work with. Anything tinier finds its purpose in a dedicated stuffing pile, earmarked for donation to artisans crafting petite toys or destined for incorporation into the innovative Scraptacular Pouffe seats, fashioned from remnants of my textile scraps.

Your support is instrumental in our collective mission to significantly diminish textile waste. Together, we’re making strides in sustainability!

Should you find yourself drawn to this creation but have specific color or pattern preferences in mind, I encourage you to connect with me. With an ever-evolving fabric selection, I’m confident we can craft something uniquely tailored to your tastes.

Feel free to reach out—I eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with you!


Weight 0.042 kg
Washing Guidelines

Unadvised – Wipe clean only
If creased use low-heat iron to flatten back into shape

Processing & Delivery Times

Orders are all sent via second class Royal Mail (2-3 working days) unless previously agreed.

Returns Policy

Due to the current circumstances I will not accept returns on this product, however if you have any issues, concerns or queries please do get in touch and I will do what I can to help.


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