My decorations were first displayed at Strawberry Fair, a fantastic volunteer-led music and arts festival which takes place every year in Cambridge.  I was sitting in a corner putting together a new batch of Tent Tinsel, when I was joined by a lovely lady called Antoinette and her three children.   

After chatting a while about my decorations, she explained that she was in the process of launching a new venture woth local Community Benefits Society, A Toy’s Life and Beyond.  

This amazing organisation aims to teach children about recycling in a fun way by using the life-cycle of a toy to show them where the materials come from and how everyone can contribute to protecting the environment.  By doing this, they gently introduce the key concepts of a circular economy concept and sustainability to the next generation.

When we met, Antoinette was busy setting up Lets Make it Circular sustainability events aimed at children of primary school age, and incorporating fun games and demonstrations from guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds.  She invited me to join her to show children how I was transforming discarded tents into something beautiful and useful.

Since that meeting, the sustainability events have gone from strength to strength, thanks in large part to the support of Newnham College Gardens, Cambridge Food Hub, and Cambridge University professor, James Elliot, as well as many more local groups and businesses with similar goals.

Its been an absolute pleasure to be involved in this project and to see it grow. If you want to find out when we are attending the next Lets Make it Circular event then you can sign up to Join Our Circular Economy newsletter here or check out A Toys Life and Beyond via the link below.

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