Reusable Face-Mask Repair Kit


Little ReCreations has been making and selling Reusable Face-Masks since April 2020!!! Its great to hear that even after months of washing, wearing and washing again they are still keeping our customers stylish, comfortable and safe.

Despite my best efforts and research to provide the highest quality components,  heavy usage takes it toll – nose wire is only so durable and beads can be broken.

So I have put together a repair kit so you can keep using your masks for longer.

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Each Reusable Face-Mask Repair Kit comes with:

  • 1 x aluminium nose wire – This can be sewn into the hem replacing the original or (if sewing is not your thing) can be simple ironed directly onto the fabric
  • 2 x lengths of elastic, in either white or black
  • 2 x beads, these will be chosen at random
  • 1 x piece of fishing wire (this will make the whole process a lot easier)

Step by step instructions on how to repair your Face-Masks can be found here:

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